The services that RELOCATION SERVICES – Coming to Trier / Luxembourg provides are based on the typical requirements of the clients or employees that we look after: competent, personal and local.

  • OrientationTour

    The Trier region lies at the heart of Europe; it does not just include Trier, the oldest city in Germany, but also Luxemburg, one of the most important financial centers in Europe. Nevertheless, we find, time and time again, that our region with its high-quality living conditions is still relatively unknown both in Germany and abroad.

    For this very reason, we are offering our assistance early on, at a time when potential new employees of local companies have not yet made the final decision to move to our area. We accompany potential candidates whilst they are getting to know the region with its specific advantages on either side of the border between Germany and Luxembourg. During this stage, we answer all questions concerning accommodation and living conditions by providing written information as well as personal advice.

  • HomeSearch

    As a matter of course, RELOCATION SERVICES - Coming to Trier / Luxembourg also provides assistance with the search for suitable apartments or houses. Our many contacts with regional real estate agents as well as our personal presence on the ground enable us to nearly always reconcile our clients' financial possibilities with their individual wishes.

  • MovingAssistance

    When the first removal van arrives, the new employee may already be working in his new job but his family may still not have joined him. In such a case RELOCATION SERVICES - Coming to Trier / Luxembourg provides the necessary support by offering a variety of services ranging from safeguarding the keys to supervising and signing off the moving process. And if, for once, things are not quite as they should be … we are very happy to arrange for and coordinate with qualified tradesmen if and when required.

  • SettlingIn

    After the employment contract has been signed and suitable accommodation has been found, it may seem that the most important obstacles have been overcome. However, the real settling-in process is only about to start now: The new arrivals need to register their new or changed address with the authorities and other relevant public bodies, find kindergarten or school places for the children, sign up for memberships of sports clubs or gyms etc. … the list of tasks connected with social activities is often longer than expected. That is where RELOCATION SERVICES - Coming to Trier / Luxembourg comes in; we are here to help and advise you, offer personal guidance, regional know-how or "know-where“.

  • TroubleShooting

    Generally, the work of other relocation agencies ends as soon as the new employee has moved in. This is not the case with RELOCATION SERVICES - Coming to Trier / Luxembourg: If it is the wish or individual requirement of the employee, we are going to assist him and his family and be at their side during the first weeks and months following the move. This way we can help them to become aware of and solve any problems and challenges that may occur within their social environment as soon as they arise and by doing so ensure that his performance at work is not going to be affected.

„Intercultural sensitivity and regional know-how.“
Relocation Services - Coming to Trier / Luxembourg